How many patents does Amd have?

Amd (Advanced Micro Devices) has 8,987 patents for the period 2009 - 2018. There are 2,976 patent families with 3,859 granted patents and 5,128 applications patents. The key filing countries are US: 4,703 | RoW: 1,240 | CN: 796 | WO: 676 | EP: 603 | KR: 508 | GB: 235 | JP: 226.

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Top assignees appearing on patents

The top patent families are

Most common title of patent family Family members Filing year
double gate and tri-gate transistor formed on a bulk substrate and method for forming th… 🛈 21 2008
replacement metal gate transistors with reduced gate oxide leakage 19 2005
channel estimation and peak to average power ratio reduction in multi-carrier modulation… 🛈 18 2008
reducing transistor junction capacitance by recessing drain and source regions 17 2007
multi-processor architecture and method 17 2008
method and apparatus including architecture for protecting sensitive code and data 16 2010
semiconductor device with isolation trench liner, and related fabrication methods 16 2008
guest interrupt controllers for each processor to aid interrupt virtualization 16 2009
user-level interrupt mechanism for multi-core architectures 14 2009
mapping processing logic having data parallel threads across processors 14 2009
performance enhancement in pmos and nmos transistors on the basis of silicon/carbon mate… 🛈 14 2008
body contact for sram cell comprising double-channel transistors 14 2008
processor configured to virtualize guest local interrupt controller 14 2010
mos structures that exhibit lower contact resistance and methods for fabricating the same 14 2007
alternate address space to permit virtual machine monitor access to guest virtual addres… 🛈 14 2008
distributed dispatch with concurrent, out-of-order dispatch 13 2007
a semiconductor device comprising a carbon based material for through hole vias 13 2008
semiconductor device comprising nmos and pmos transistors with embedded si/ge material f… 🛈 13 2006
region-based image compression 13 2011
hierarchical memory arbitration technique for disparate sources 13 2009
a cmos device having gate insulation layers of different type and thickness and method o… 🛈 13 2007
interconnect structure for a semiconductor device with a resilient stress absorber and r… 🛈 13 2009
integrated circuit having long and short channel metal gate devices and method of manufa… 🛈 13 2008
channel rotating error correction code 13 2012
adjustment of write timing in a memory device 13 2009