Patent Analysis: H01L51 - Organic and printed electronics

We examine 40 years of patents classified under the CPC H01L51

This curated report examines the CPC classification H01L51 - the main patent classification for organic electronics.

H01L51 is defined as :

  • H01L51-00: Solid state devices using organic materials as the active part, or using a combination of organic materials with other materials as the active part; processes or apparatus specially adapted for the manufacture or treatment of such devices, or of parts thereof

This analysis will examine the growth and changes of H01L51, who uses this classification, when it has been used, how it has changed over time. It will provide insight to this important technology field and a must read for anyone involved with printed and organic electronics - and in a broader scope - processes, materials, devices - such as oled displays, oled lighting, organic pv, and many other related devices, materials and processes.


  • Patent Analysis: H01L51 - Organic and printed electronics
  • Forty-years of analysis
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Patent data provided in excel format with links to Google patents and Espacent (the EPO's online patent service)