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Patent filing analysis

In simple terms published patents are an indicator of innovation and technological activities

Over time there is an expectation the number of published patents will increase

However, it is important to identify those inventions were file recently compared to those filed earlier

Distinguishing between these allows better understanding your competitor is pushing technology and innovation barriers or simply building on past innovations


Country analysis

Applicants who protect their innovations worldwide file patents in countries worldwide

There more countries the innovation is filed in is an indicator the applicant sees greater commercial potential

Knowing which countries are chosen and how this changes overtime is key for competitor analysis

Knowing if recent activity is based on new or past inventions is key for competitor analysis

Patent family analysis

Groups of patents - filed in multiple countries - claiming the same priority or priorities are known as patent families

Analysing patents by patent families more accurately highlights activity around new inventions rather than expansion worldwide - which is a better assessment of innovation

How many members of each patent family could be an indicator the applicant sees commercial potential in the original invention

The number of patents families, patents per family and how these change over time is key for competitive analysis


Granted and application analysis

Granted patent show which patent families are gaining legal status, although are less informative compared to applications

Application patents provide a more current picture of technological activity

Monitoring the number of application patents compared to granted patents may be an indication the applicant is filing more inventions than they ever plan to pursue

Classification analysis

Patent classifications are generally used by the patent examiners to search for prior art

However, they can be used to understand competitor patents by counting and determine the frequency and clustering of the patents under each of the CPC assigned to the patents

This clustering analysis provides technological insights of competitor products

Analysing changes over time may highlight shifts in product and technology development strategies